Supported Plugins

This list can help you choosing plugins for your website with support for WikiWP.AdministrationInsert Headers and FootersInsert Headers and Footers is a simple plugin that lets you add scripts like Google Analytics to your WordPress site without having to get your hands dirty in code. Moreover, the simple interface gives you one place where you… read more »


? Known bugs of the current versionAll search results are shown as post meta in sidebar âś”Permalinks cause fatal errorsHeadings in widgets have a negative indentation left and are cut offImages in widgets have border and padding (Plugin support Image Widget)No separation for custom menus and navigation sidebar like the default menuShow dynamic sidebar for… read more »

WikiWP 1.7 has been released

? Bug Fixes Bug fix: Headings in widgets have a negative indentation left and are cut off Bug fix: Renamed “Primary Menu” with “Primary” and “Meta Menu” with “Meta” to avoid confusion Bug fix: Removed extra decelerated font family for navigation Bug fix: The footer has not the same width of the content Bug fix:… read more »

WikiWP 1.6.2 has been released

The new version can be downloaded here. Changelog Bug fix: renamed localization file into wikiwp.pot Bug fix: not defined function for displaying category description only if it exists 1.6.1 Bug fix: Custom background support wrong function name Bug fix: Removed multiple credit links in footer 1.6 Custom header support + theme tag “custom-header” Custom background… read more »

New developer

The theme has been updated! New developer has joined the team.