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A powerful wiki-style theme for WordPress

The WikiWP WordPress theme is best suited for an encyclopedic website. The theme gives you the opportunity to turn your blog into an encyclopedia! Now you can build our own Wikipedia using the advantages of WordPress. Easy to use and modify, clean and understandable code. WikiWP focuses on the content, is SEO-friendly and full responsive. Free to you by Chereshka Design and Florian Steller!


To see all the great features of the WikiWP theme, have a look at the Features page.


Well, you are actually looking at it right now — this site uses the WikiWP theme!
You can also check out our dedicated Wiki-style DEMO page for more of the theme’s full functionality!


[download]Download WikiWP[/download]


Special thanks to Vectips for the Adobe Illustrator Tutorials.


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  • Bonjour

    J’aimerais savoir comment un utilisateur par exemple pour rentrer un nouvel article peut t’il le faire s’il n’y a pas de lien pour s’inscrire.

    et de deux est t-il légal de l’utiliser sur internet ?



  • Thanks for a great theme, will be trying this immediately!

    I hva a question – is it responsive? Does it look ok in an iphone for example?


  • The plugin that you recommend, wordpress wiki, hasn’t been updated in three years, so it’s basically unusable. How will this theme work without it?

    • Hi Justin, we must check and update the plugin list. This plugin is using custom post type “”Wiki Pages”, we will implement this to the theme, so you don’t have to install this plugin any more (see comments below). The first step is to bring the new WikiWP version to the official repository and keep it up to date. If you miss a feature please let us know!

  • hello florian,

    do you think this template will be updated with a responsive version in how long ? can we help ? donation to make it faster ? donation?

    best regards

    • Hi fabrice, thank you for your willing to donate, but at this point we do not have an option to get donations … and this is an “after work projekt” so the time is the most difficult factor for making this theme. First we need to bring the theme back to the repository, which is a tuff challange because so many has changed in the requirements in this 4 years. But we are close (at least 90% I guess).

      An other point is how to realize the resposivness. I’m thinking about using bootsrap to provide multiple colums for special templates and have to change the way the navigation is build at the moment because the structure of the theme was not made for mobile first (but these are thoughts now). So let us focus on bringing the theme back to the repository in version 1.4.x and version 1.5 should be responsive :)

      It is not easy talking about weeks or month … maybe january 2015? But please don’t hold me to that ;)

  • Thanks so much for updating this theme! Will be using it! I look forward to custom post type integration!

    • Hi David, the point is, that custom post types are funktions that belong to an plugin, not to a theme … this would be a problem for bringing the theme back to the official theme repository (I didn’t know that, sorry for that). But let’s be honest: you don’t really need a custom post type. For the upcomming version 1.4.x you can add the Category “Wiki” to a post for showing detail meta information in a box like categories and tags of the post and related posts. The plan is to make this possible in an future release for pages using templates, too (if the reviewing teem by WordPress will let me :P ).

  • Looks exactly like Wikipedia. I was super bummed to see that there are no actual features like a wiki, though (edit pages on the front end, etc). The plugins aren’t compatible anymore, either. Dang, I was so excited when I found this, and now I’m just bummed. :/

  • Hi! Quick question that’s totally off topic. Do you
    know how to make your site mobile friendly? My web site looks
    weird when browsing from my iphone 4. I’m trying to find a template or plugin that might be able to correct this problem.
    If you have any suggestions, please share. Appreciate it!

    • Hi useful,

      the theme will be full responsive with the next update that is panned for january 2015.

  • Would it be possible to add a feature to change the color of the line under the word Search at the top of the page? I’m not a big fan of the yellow and I think having the option to change the color would be awesome. One more request… When customizing the theme and selecting the menu the them does not show the menu title, whereas if I add the menu as a widget it does. Any solutions for that?

    Thank you for pulling this theme up out of the water. I loved it originally but after many wordpress and plugin updates it started to act funky with my site.

    • Hi MutantOoze,

      the yellow line will be only seen on focus for all input fields in the next release and the buttons will be blue. I can keep this in mind, but there are a lot of things has to be done before thinking about custom backround and other user based configurations.

      Maybe you can use a child theme for that …

  • The theme currently does not open properly on phones. There was a mention that the theme would be responsive by January of 2015. Any word on the progress of that update?

  • Is this theme is ready to use ?

    or some bug pending ?

    I am very excited to use this theme…………..

    How much people rate this theme ?

    • Hi maxiii,

      for the logo you have to go to Appereance > Custormize.
      The gray sidebar should be always shown … please send us an mail with screenshots

  • Hi Florian,

    Is there a way to place widgets on a left side bar instead of the main menu? The preview pretends it is but I cannot figure out how…

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Tom,

      please go to Appereance > Widgets and place your Witget within the Navigation sidebar area.

      • Hi Florian

        I had the same problem, trying to get my widget to appear in the left sidebar. I tried your solution by adding the widget into the navigation sidebar area. Unfortunately there was no satisfying result, because the widget now appeared above the content. We had this problem after the latest update. Could it have something to do with that? How can I resolve this?

        Best regards

        • Seems to be a bug … Please update to version 1.6.2 and add widgets to the “Navigation” sidebar. It works (see this site) :)

  • Hi – Very nice theme. However the theme breaks when you try to create child theme. I figured i might be doing something wrong though i have created many child themes in the past and installed the ‘childify me’ plugin. and the result was the same. This theme breaks when you make a child. any help will be great, thank you.

  • Issues with new update and enqueued files.

    Using a child theme and this new update includes a new directory ‘css’ with bootstrap.min.css, navigation-side.css, and wiki.css as well as new ‘js’ directory with functions.js.

    They are enqueued to using ‘get_stylesheet_directory_uri()’ instead of ‘get_theme_directory_uri()’ which is causing the path to be in the child theme. Any way you can change this so people using child themes don’t have to manually enqueue these files and any files added in the future?

  • Somehow my theme has been changed without me updating it. I really like the old theme which is close to wikipedia looks. Is it possible to retrieve the old theme?

    • Of cause, it is. You find the link on the changelog area. But you shouldn’t use those old ones, without support for new WordPress Versions or mobile responsiveness. This can be an security issue!

  • Is it just me, or does this theme affect the way entries are displayed both in admin and on the generated output?

    In my case, the entries are stuck in alphabetical order no matter what. Even the last x number of posts would display the first x posts alphabetically.

  • Hi,
    I’m looking forward to reading your Child theme documentation !
    Great theme, by the way !

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