? Known bugs of the current version

  • All search results are shown as post meta in sidebar ✔
  • Permalinks cause fatal errors
  • Headings in widgets have a negative indentation left and are cut off
  • Images in widgets have border and padding (Plugin support Image Widget)
  • No separation for custom menus and navigation sidebar like the default menu
  • Show dynamic sidebar for navigation only, if widgets are set
  • Removing list style from footer widgets
  • Bug fix: padding for images in excerpt is shown if no thumb is set

? Improvements for the next version

  • Ported readme.txt to Markdown
  • Ported license.txt to Markdown and moved license text from to this file
  • New link colors
  • Cleaner button styles
  • Cleaner styles for buttons and input highlighting on focus
  • Optimized style for default search widget
  • Optimized, cleaner typo
  • Blue color for button :hover
  • Set input field width to 100% in navigation custom sidebar
  • Removed background color and border from images
  • Code cleaning (removed closing php tags from all template files)

? WikiWP 1.8 is now in development



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  • Hey there, just wanted to leave you some motivation, great work I love the way this theme looks and I am using it to build my website (Not quite ready) but once its production I’ll keep you updated. Keep up the good work and thanks for the theme!

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