WikiWP 1.6.2 has been released

The new version can be downloaded here.


  • Bug fix: renamed localization file into wikiwp.pot
  • Bug fix: not defined function for displaying category description only if it exists


  • Bug fix: Custom background support wrong function name
  • Bug fix: Removed multiple credit links in footer


  • Custom header support + theme tag “custom-header”
  • Custom background support (color and image) + theme tag “custom-background”
  • New screenshot
  • New styles for select boxes
  • New theme tags “responsive-layout”, “right-sidebar”, “featured-images” and “custom-menu”
  • Added border for images without caption and for thumbnails in excerpt
  • Optimized blog title and description if no logo image is set
  • Optimized navigation and sidebar for small device height (overflow scroll)
  • Optimized archives widget for navigation sidebar
  • Optimized script loading -> removed the jQuery enqueue because it’s already being loaded with an array within the function script enqueue
  • Code cleaning and documentation for JavaScript
  • Separated stylesheets for better child theme handling
  • New styles for active navigation link
  • Changed copyright in footer
  • Bug fix: Fixed problems with default and meta navigation on devices larger 1200px
  • Bug fix: header crashed on page reload for devices > 1200px
  • Bug fix: wiki page template shows default sidebar
  • Bug fix: removed multiple credit links from footer


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