WikiWP 1.7 has been released

? Bug Fixes

  • Bug fix: Headings in widgets have a negative indentation left and are cut off
  • Bug fix: Renamed “Primary Menu” with “Primary” and “Meta Menu” with “Meta” to avoid confusion
  • Bug fix: Removed extra decelerated font family for navigation
  • Bug fix: The footer has not the same width of the content
  • Bug fix: The footer sidebar columns are not set so widgets will float not the way they should
  • Bug fix: Footer search form widget optimized
  • Bug fix: Some HTML semantic issues

? Improvements

  • Removed headline indent and underline h2 for better readability
  • Ordered news and category excerpt by last modified
  • Removed post pagination for category “Wiki”
  • Better highlighting for current menu item (3rd level support)
  • Changed readme.txt to Markdown


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  • Hello,WikiWP 1.7 have an error will occur, Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_the_permalink() in E:\soft\PHPnow-1.5.6\htdocs\wordpress\wp-content\themes\wikiwp\index.php on line 41.

    I changed get_the_permalink() to get_permalink() 。is it right ? I’m sorry my english is very bad.

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