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Wikipedia image style

Wikipedia image style

Powerful Wiki-style theme for WordPress. WikiWP is best suited for an encyclopedic website. The theme gives you the opportunity to turn your blog into an encyclopedia! Now you can build our own Wikipedia using the advantages of WordPress. Easy to use and modify, clean and understandable code. WikiWP focuses on the content and is also SEO-friendly. FREEd to you by… Easy Design, and Chereshka Design!

IMPORTANT! For Wikipedia functionality, please check the “Plugin compatibility” section below.




  • two columns
  • left sidebar
  • flexible width
  • menu bar



  • widgets
  • gravatars
  • build-in support for plugins



  • WordPress 2.5 and higher
  • Firefox, Opera, Safari, IE7+ and other browsers


Well, you’re actually looking it right now — this site uses the “WikiWP” theme!
Check out the Wiki-style DEMO page with full Wikipedia functionality!




  1. Extract the downloaded archive.
  2. Upload the wikiwp folder to your /wp-content/themes/ directory.
  3. Activate the theme through the “Themes” menu in WordPress’s admin panel.



  • v1.1.1 – 11.12.2009 – fixed bug in the footer.
  • v1.1 – 09.12.2009 – added Title and Tagline above the content. Plus few other minor changes.
  • v1.0 – 07.12.2009 – we’re here!


Plugin compatibility

“WikiWP” follows the standarts and works fine with all kind of plugins. However, it is specially modified to support the following ones:

We recommend the first two of them – the rest is up to you..


Enjoy it! All comments are welcome! Please share your ideas and opinion. Help us improve the theme.
Thank you!

Author: admin on 01/01/2011
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  3. I’m rockin’ it. On my encyclopedia of rock & roll INFLUENCES. It’s tight although I still have to learn how to harness it better.

  4. Debt says:

    Excellent job on this template.

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  13. Thats An Awesome One I Love It Thanks Buddy!

  14. Hest says:

    Will there ever be any updates for this theme? I’d like to see it updates to support everything up to WP3.0

  15. lv says:

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    i am not able to to get theme pages menu on top on header how i do this plz help me…….

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  28. WP2B says:

    Hi admin,
    Converted wikiwp a while ago to blogger templates too
    Here is the link

    Thanks for the awesome design. Kept your link of course.

  29. Wow Nice theme.Thanks a lot for this

  30. I wanted to thank you for the template. My hosting I use is limited, so many templates are very sluggish loading. This template is the only one so far that has the least issues.

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    Good theme!谢谢.

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  33. Evocatus says:

    Using WP 3.0.1
    Tried to install: WordPress Wiki
    Result: Plugin has no header.
    Apparently broken as mentiond on:

  34. By far the best template I’ve ever used. Thank you for your time and effort on this theme.

  35. Diana says:

    Hi, thanks for the theme. I would like to know if the Wiki-Style DEMO page was made by hand, or if there is a plugin / functionality in the theme that helps with the layout?

    Kind regards

  36. Excellent template.I’ve been finding it works much better and loads faster than most. Thank you.

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    Hmm, as Evocatus mentions above this now appears to be “broken” with the latest WP version. Is there any news on an update in the works or not? Would love to use this for a couple of projects I’m planning…

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  43. rheeantz says:

    I Love this theme, simple fast loading and easy to lay out…

  44. kosmik says:

    A great alternative to wikimedia!

    As I already familiar with WP, this should cut the learning curve tremendously. Thanks!

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  46. Thomas says:

    There seems to be no support for this theme.

    Any idea how to limit the posts on the front page?

  47. admin says:

    Hello Thomas,

    Does it really seems like that? ;)

    On your question: Actually this is a general WordPress “issue”, that said it has nothing to do with the WikiWP theme itself.
    However, to limit the posts on the front page, simply go to your admin panel, and then:
    Options -> Reading -> Blog pages show at most.
    Edit the number in the field and save the changes.


  48. Ryan says:

    What version of WordPress does this theme work with?

  49. Thomas says:

    @admin – I am SO freaking sorry. I was browsing through, didn’t see any replies from an author or admin, got totally bummed and wrote that. I completely apologize. What a clown I am.

    Thanks so much for your reply. I’m in the process of putting it up on my mixed martial arts website at I’m curious if you’d be able to help me with something…

    I would like the ‘main page’ just to be a general ‘what we’re about’ sort’ve page. What you’ll find around here sort’ve thing. Then, I would like users to be able to click the categories on the left I am setting up, and go to those seperately.

    Does that make sense? I’d basically just like a ‘landing page’ on the front page, with the categories I have set up only showing up when they click the appropriate link on the left.

    Thanks again – and sorry again. ;-) Real thrilled to hear from you as I feel your them is absolutely perfect for what I’m attempting.

    All the best,


  50. Thomas says:

    @Ryan – I’m currently using the newest version of WordPress with no problems.

  51. Thomas says:

    After searching landing pages, maybe I used the wrong term. I just want a single page/home page with an overall ‘about us’ on the website, with the posts in each category not visible until a visitor clicks the appropriate link.

    Sorry to suddenly blow up your comments section with questions. Appreciate any help! From anyone!

  52. Thomas says:

    Oh. I see under the Settings – Reading section, the option to set a Static page. That must be it.

    Sorry for all the newbie questions, admin. I’ve set up other sites with other themes, I like to think I’m semi-competent, but obviously I’m still learning the little stuff. ;-)

    I love your theme! I’m glad I stumbled on this, I almost bought another WikiWP type theme for like $70 bucks. Ugh.

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  54. Plugin Question says:

    How do you create the hiddable table of content from the DEMO page?

    Do I need a plugin for this?…


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  59. Eric Olson says:

    Pagination not working when entering into the post. I noticed though that you do have ” in a in your index file. Any idea why it would not be working?

    Otherwise, LOVING your theme!

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    This theme looks serious eye candy! surely will have this for my new site!!

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    Any plans on updating this theme? Seems the last update is from 2009. Is it abandoned?

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