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Wikipedia image style

Wikipedia image style

Powerful Wiki-style theme for WordPress. WikiWP is best suited for an encyclopedic website. The theme gives you the opportunity to turn your blog into an encyclopedia! Now you can build our own Wikipedia using the advantages of WordPress. Easy to use and modify, clean and understandable code. WikiWP focuses on the content and is also SEO-friendly. FREEd to you by Chereshka Design and Florian Steller!

NEW! October 2014: The theme has been updated! New developer has joined the team. Version 1.3 is now live and free for download.


To see all the great features of the WikiWP theme, have a look at the feature page.


Well, you’re actually looking it right now — this site uses the “WikiWP” theme!
Check out the Wiki-style DEMO page with full Wikipedia functionality!



MIRROR: Older version can be found in the WordPress Themes Directory: This version still works but is not recommended.


  • Extract the downloaded archive.
  • Upload the wikiwp folder to your /wp-content/themes/ directory.
  • Activate the theme through the “Themes” menu in WordPress’s admin panel.
  • Optional: For full Wikipedia functionality, install the “WordPress Wiki” and “BM Keyword Link” plugins.


  • v1.3 – Oct.2014 – new up-to-date design, multiple improvements and compatibility fixes. Thanks to our new developer Florian Steller!
  • v1.1.1 – 11.Dec.2009 – fixed bug in the footer.
  • v1.1 – 09.Dec.2009 – added Title and Tagline above the content. Plus few other minor changes.
  • v1.0 – 07.Dec.2009 – we’re here!

Plugin Compatibility

“WikiWP” follows the standarts and works fine with all kind of plugins. However, it is specially modified to support the following ones:

Enjoy it! All comments are welcome! Please share your ideas and opinion. Help us improve the theme.
Thank you!

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