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A powerful wiki-style theme for WordPress

The WikiWP WordPress theme is best suited for an encyclopedic website. The theme gives you the opportunity to turn your blog into an encyclopedia! Now you can build our own Wikipedia using the advantages of WordPress. Easy to use and modify, clean and understandable code. WikiWP focuses on the content, is SEO-friendly and full responsive. Free to you by Chereshka Design and Florian Steller!


To see all the great features of the WikiWP theme, have a look at the Features page.


Well, you are actually looking at it right now — this site uses the WikiWP theme!
You can also check out our dedicated Wiki-style DEMO page for more of the theme’s full functionality!


[download]Download WikiWP[/download]


Special thanks to Vectips for the Adobe Illustrator Tutorials.


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    • Hi Mel, this is an feature fo WordPress. You can add an registration widget with a plugin and allow users to register on your website to edit posts.

  • It’s a great Theme !

    But is anyone having problems with Comments going to the wrong post and not being shown on Posts pages ??? I am using version 4.4 of WP (currently the latest version). I have tested the problem with about 10 other Themes (none of which have the problem),


    • Hi Michael, we will test this! But at this point, there are no problems so far … :/

    • Hi,

      I like this Theme! I just downloaded this Theme on 11 Jan 2016, but I also have a problem on the comment column.
      Old all of comments can’t show up anything.
      Would you please advice me how I fix this problem? Thank you.

      • Hi Maris Stella, what version of the WikiWp theme do you have ? probably not the latest which is 1.8.2 (which does fix the comments on wrong Posts problem). The latest version is downloadable at Please don’t forget that updating a Theme may undo any Theme modifications you have made (to the Style)

  • Hello there,

    Great theme,

    Is there are way to adjust the logo size on mobile versions? it appears too small for my liking?

    Pls can you advise?

  • I use this theme and it is fantastic. However, one thing I noticed that feed don’t work. Im getting this message ERROR: This is not a valid feed.

    I use AllInOneSEO & Sugar Event Calendar. I have tried to Disable plugins but ERROR still persist. Any advice?


  • Hello. I ran into an issue where this theme completely breaks ordering posts and pages. Even plugins meant to display ordered posts are broken. I am trying to figure this out myself, but I figured I should let you know.

      • I have the same issue. Take the plugin “Simple Custom Post Order” for example. It is ment to allow custom post ordering which has no affect when it is used with the WikiWP theme. I tried my own modification of post ordering through functions.php but there is somethin in the WikiWP theme that overrides this already. I tried


        without any success. Could you give us a hint, where else the post ordering is affected by the theme, please?


  • I’m very excited to have come accros this theme. I have not lost a significant amount of money on purchasing a WP Content Mangement plugin that could not configure due to insufficient and out of date manuals and version docs.

    I’m going to download in morning. Will probably have some questions.


  • Hi – I have just downloaded the theme and have a question – how do I create a landing/home page with header image (maybe a slider)?

    • Hi Chris, you have to use a slider plugin for this. This is not a theme functionallity (for themes) :/

  • I have just downloaded the theme and have a question – how do I create a landing/home page with header image? can i have that tutorial?
    thanx a lot

  • Florian,
    I’m looking for a good change control solution so that all edits can be moderated easily. So far, I’ve been unsuccessful in finding anything. Any recommendations?

  • I wanted to use this with my site, but wordpress no longer allows you to use a third party theme that’s not in their library :(

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